MAIB report on Asterix capsize

Tug Asterix

The report on the capsize of Tug Asterix, on 30 March 2015 at Fawley, has now been issued by MAIB. The tug’s coxswain had not been aware that the assisted ship was about to come ahead and, unable to manoeuvre to keep alongside, the tug girted and capsized. Recommendations include training in the effective use of the gog rope as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of girting,  joint training and interaction between pilots and mooring launch coxswains, pro-active communication between all parties and drills in the use of the towing hook emergency release. The full report is at the link (MAIB into the girting and capsize of the mooring launch Asterix at Fawley, Southampton, 30 March 2015)



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