Join the British Tugowners Association and Workboat Association for a joint open safety forum on Wednesday 6 October at 1100 as part of virtual Seawork Connect. 

The two associations will be joined by the operators, the Marine Accident Investigation Branch, and the RNLI, as they explore improving MOB recovery from Small Commercial Vessels.

Learn from the industry’s Operations and Safety leaders along with expert guests as they discuss, from experience, the key challenges and opportunities to the successful recovery of a person from the water.  

Topics to be discussed include: practicality; preparations; equipment; manning/training; suitability; and some of the key messages.

The hour-long session will also include the launch or a new ‘joint’ safety poster campaign.

Panel speakers include:

  • Nick Jeffery, Manager UK Towage,  Ostensjo Rederi UK
  • Shaun Mansbridge, Safety Manager Williams Shipping.  
  • Jack Martin, Inspector of Marine Incidents MAIB
  • Mike Proudlove, General Manager Offshore Turbine Services. 
  • Tony Wafer, Senior Water Safety Partner RNLI

And will be moderated by BTA Chairman, Scott Baker, and WA CEO, Kerrie Forster

Registration is free and to register for the Safety Forum, attendees need to register for Seawork Connect, then click on the Programme listing, and click to add The Workboat Association & British Tugowners Association Safety Forum to their Calendar. 

For any queries or comments, please contact Robert Merrylees,