The European Tugowners Association in collaboration with the European Maritime Pilots Association launched a joint animation detailing the importance of efficient and safe harbour towage operations for all port users.

Proper exchange of information between the captain of the assisted vessel, the pilot and the tug master(s) is essential before and during the operation as exemplified by a clear and detailed Master Pilot Exchange. Good communications benefits all parties. 

The animation covers such things as; how will different tugs be identified, what are the safe working loads of the ship’s bollards and fairleads, what is the desired connection and operation speed, what is the minimum speed for steerage of the vessel and what VHF channel should all parties be communicating on. 

Please note that in the UK, ship’s lines are not used for towage operations.

Such measures may seen simple and obvious but for vessels transiting across the world, clear instructions and consistency of approach to safe and efficient harbour towage operations is essential. 

Members are invited to view the video below and share widely. 

The video can also be accessed via: 

With thanks to the ETA for permission to share.