The Trustees of the Maritime Educational Foundation have agreed to provide apprenticeship bursary funding for the British Tugowners Association (BTA) Tug specific apprenticeships, including the approved OOW 500gt Near Coastal and the Small Vessel Chief Engineer 3000gt/9000kW, and the Master 500gt Near Coastal currently in development.

The process for companies to claim the funding is set out below, and only available for cohorts starting after the date of approval by MEF Trustees of 25 May 2023. 

A bursary of £4,000 per trainee can be claimed by the employer as follows:

i)          £2,000 on confirmation of registration at an approved college onto the apprenticeship programme – apprenticeship start certificate required

ii)         £2,000 on evidence of completion of training and achievement of the apprenticeship certificate – please note, bursaries cannot be claimed without the necessary sea time as per MCA requirements

Please note, applications will only be considered for bursaries within 6 weeks from the date of registration and/or within 6 weeks of the date the apprenticeship certificate is achieved.   

An application form for companies can be requested from the BTA Secretariat.